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    The Ontario Child Protection Mediation Roster Program
    The Ontario Child Protection Mediation Roster Program was created to provide an accessible listing of all qualified Child Protection Mediators in Ontario for the Children's Aid Societies and the families they serve.

    Since November 30, 2006, Ontario Children’s Aid Societies are required under the Child and Family Services Act to consider and/or use a prescribed method of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) on the following occasions:
    If a child is, or may be, in need of protection, a Children’s Aid Society must consider whether a prescribed method of ADR could assist in resolving any issue related to the child or a plan for the child’s care (section 20.2(1)).
    The court, at any time during a proceeding, and with the consent of the parties, may adjourn the proceeding to permit the parties to utilize a prescribed method of ADR to attempt to resolve the issues in dispute (section 51.1).
    On application to vary or terminate an openness order before or after an adoption, the court may, with the consent of the parties, adjourn the proceeding to permit the parties to utilize a prescribed method of ADR to attempt to resolve any disputes related to the proceeding (sections 145.2(7) and 153.1(10)).  
    The prescribed methods of ADR are:

    1. Child Protection Mediation
    2. Family Group Conferencing
    3. Aboriginal Approaches
    4. Other methods as may be approved by a local Executive Director of a CAS

    This roster is maintained by OAFM through funding from the Government of Ontario.
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